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Sutuex is an export company founded in İstanbul/Turkey. We have a Team which is consisting experienced purchasing experts that can reach all the manufacturers of construction materials, machinery etc… easily.  Each request from you is evaluated independently and discussed with the relevant manufacturers. Imagine that you have a local purchasing team working for you in Turkey. Our main objectives of trading is to serve our customers all over the world  with high quality, competitive price, excellent and quick services.


We have seen that it has never been  easy to be capable of a foreing market. Always questions in your mind like...  

-   Did ı get the optimum price for this material ?

-   Could i find any better quality then this one if i could spend more time for market search?

-   How come will i follow up all these purchase orders ?

-   How many times more i should go to Turkey and how much money more ı should spend to find the right material and supplier ?

-   Is the Manufacturer ı found going to let me face a problem ? 

-   Will i experience any export problems ?


No need to ask those questions anymore. We are here to serve you smooth business.

How come we are being able to offer you the best price, quality and service ? 

 - The production of all kinds of high quality construction materials and machinery in Turkish market is carried out by alot of manufacturers but its never easy to find all of them on internet which  has competitive price and quality. Sutuex is able to reach all those.

-   Local market experince and network which we gained in 15 years let us reach the right manufacturer easily. 

-   Business network that we have in Turkey is  always an advantage for being able to purchase at lower price than a foreigner. 

-   Sutuex is able to check the effects of  economic and political situations in Turkish market on manufacturers so we eliminate the risky ones to reduce risk.

-   Sutuex is able to analyze manufacturers' ability and capacity for flawless production of related order.

-   Sutuex uses the export incentives to lower the sales price for your service.

-   Sutuex is able to analyze the trading desire of manufacturer for the target country.

-   Sutuex is able to control manufacturing process anytime.