Our Services

SUTUEX offer a professional contracting service to the full ambit of the industry.
We work as an outsourced purchasing department, helping customers to buy products mainly from TURKEY and some other countries like Ukraine, Serbia, Indonesia. We are not a reseller of physical products, instead we search, identify and source suppliers of products according to our customers’ requirements and take care of all your procurement issues in TURKEY.

Meticulous Planning​

We have strict rules and a well thought-out and structured way of working for each new sourcing mission to make sure we never miss the target.

Perfect Execution​

We work with the best suppliers and focus on quality, trying our best to make the end result perfect.

Affordable Prices​

We working to deliver the best value for your work, searching for the best suppliers in your budget and the most handy shipping agents.

Our Services

Supplying of various Products

find the most suitable distributorship and agency agreements

Marketing your products and your Business services

become your procurement and purchasing office to your project and needs

how we work?

Below we describe, step by step, how strategic purchase works with us in practice

1. Request

You supply us with a sample or a drawing or description of the product that you wish to purchase. We also need your estimated annual quantity and preferably your target price. It is also good if you can supply us with other relevant information such as how the product will be used and the required warranty

2. Supplier sourcing and price offer

We will search for a suitable supplier and come back to you with a quote from a selected supplier. Our quote will show you an approximate landed price, including : the price of the product ,transportation cost, and any necessary information to support our customers in the custom clearance

3. How much

The foundation of our whole business idea is that it should always be risk-free to test our services and a cooperation with us should always increase the profitability of our customers. Our remuneration varies based on the business volume and the offered services. The commission is always displayed openly and the commission rate is a matter of discussion between us and customer and totally depends on the situation for each case. It should of course be a reasonable compensation for both parties. The commission is never paid until you as customer have accepted an offer from one of our suppliers.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

Want to know more information about our services? Feel free to get in touch with us, and we will provide you with a detailed outline.